Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things that almost make me want to work harder

Yesterday I played phone tag with my manager. I was freaked out by her call (that happened to come while I was on the other line scheduling a massage). You see I haven't talked to my manager since my staff development review back at the end of February. Ok, incorrect, she said "hi" and "cute baby" at the group picnic in June. Truth be told I had talked to the lab director more often than I talked to my manager in the last year.

My manager is the most hands off manager I have ever had. Sometimes it's good, most of the times it's really good. Sometimes it sucks. Like yesterday when I sat there all day wondering what I had done to warrent a call. I kept telling myself if I was in trouble for something she would come to my office. (Ha ha ha, just joking.) If I was in trouble for something she would beckon me to her office. So I kept telling myself it had to be her checking on something (maybe to clarify something on my fact sheet that I just submitted) or something good (one of my patents finally came through - though quick check proved that was not the case). What could it be? I wracked my brain.

Finally I checked her schedule towards the end of the day, saw she was available, picked up the phone and called for the fourth or so time. Got her.

I sat there at my desk shaking.

"Ah yes," she says and asks me to hold on while she got the paperwork.

Paperwork... ack!

She came back to the phone. "I just wanted to tell you that periodically HR reviews salaries and in their review noted that you were pretty substantially out of line as compared to the rest of the lab."

No joke. The salary ranges and averages are published, I knew that even after my nice raise last January, I was still on the way low end.

"So," she continues, " you were given a pretty good raise as of August 1st, you will see it on your paycheck tomorrow."

Sure enough. A raise. Actually almost made me want to bust my butt today. Almost.

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