Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gymboree has my number

Seriously. They have my credit card number. Making it that much easier for me to order whatever strikes my fancy. I don't even have to get up, dig through my purse and find a credit card.

Skadi IS in drastic need of winter clothes. Or at least cooler weather, non-sunsuit clothes. I kept telling myself to put this off until we go to Portland in two weeks. Then I can shop with my mom. I guess maybe I did it for my mom's and my sanity sake. You know, I don't want to overextend us what with Ikea on the list and all.

I *am* however, reminding myself that it isn't that long between when new items come out and when they hit the sales racks at Gymboree. I bought *the* cutest overalls back about 4-6 weeks ago. Full price. My first ever full price Gymboree purchase, but they were so cute and so perfect for Skadi. Yeah, half price now (and she has worn/blown out of them twice). Never again.

But... I did buy three other matching pieces for the ultra-cute, ultra-expensive overalls at well over half off. So we scored... denim dress, sweater, and red striped shirt in the anchor theme, purple corduroy overalls and matching shirt, a long sleeved bodysuit that can be used with either outfit in case of blowouts.

Oh and two t-shirts for Leif... so he doesn't feel left out, of course.

My girl is apparently going to be a dress girl. We have extreme difficulty with pants. If they fit her around, they don't fit in length. She has one pair of capri pants that fit around, and appear to be regular length. (We won't tell that they are supposed to be capri.) But I had looked forward to using all of Leif's Gap jeans (the free ones we got with the card he won in the photo contest)... yeah not happening. I am somewhat optimistic however, that if it cools down here fairly quick Skadi might get a few wears out of his ultra-cute fleece lined denim overalls.

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