Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Switching things up

I flexed an extra hour today at lunch to go get groceries. Getting groceries is one of the chores that I actually enjoy doing. I like looking at new selections, I like menu planning and since I like food, I don't mind buying it. What I don't like is hauling Leif and/or Skadi with me. Either way it is akin to carrying one or two ticking time bombs. One that will look at me ravenously once she wakes up. The other who might start having fun selecting produce, but by the third aisle of dried goods has had enough and whining sets in.

Sure, I could have done this on the weekend. Fit it in somewhere between swimming and the Saturday evening BBQ. Provided of course, that I could do all my ahead of time food prep without the needed groceries. Yeah, nevermind. I don't know when I was going to do it. I can run into a store with the kids, as long as I can run out equally as fast. I can send AB to the store on his way home, but unless it is vital, I try not to since I know how much he looks forward to coming home after a 10 hour day and a 45 minute commute.

I actually remembered to toss a cooler in the car this morning too, in an attempt to counter the forecasted 103 degree weather for my perishables. I very nearly forgot to buy a bag of ice at the grocery store. But the nice bagger ran to the back of the store to retrieve me a bag while I was in line.

Just the fact that I can mark something off my weekend "to do" list, thrills me to pieces. This is going to have to become routine.

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