Monday, August 27, 2007

Iron Chef Sauce still reigns

I needed to cook this weekend. I needed AB to watch Leif and Skadi while I prepared something new and fantastic and original. All summer it seems as though my role in the kitchen has been either quick prep and serve for weeknight dinners or sous chef to Iron Chef BBQ. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working with Iron Chef BBQ (aka AB) - particularly the end result. But this style of cooking has left me feeling left out of the action. I needed to create.

I chose halibut for my main course and since Leif had already eaten (chicken noodle soup and oatmeal... yeah, a pairing made in heaven), I decided to do a salad and rice. The rice did beckon Leif back to the table for a few bites until I commented on the nastiness level of the boxed rice. Then Leif decided it was not acceptable anymore either. Duh NM.

My title remains... Iron Chef Sauce. I made seared halibut with a honey chili plum Viognier sauce. I was faltering... I had the plum and Viognier thing going but it was lacking depth and far too tart. I pulled it out in the end though with the addition of honey and chili garlic sauce.

I won... (I am not sure who against, but I needed a win) though AB did bring me down off of cloud nine by mentioning how great the sauce was, how great the halibut was, but the pairing just wasn't working so great for him. The sauce would have been far better paired with chicken or pork. I tried to deny it to myself... but he was right. The sauce was a little too sticky for fish.

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