Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Coming home tonight:

Leif: "WINNY! Stop jumping by me Winny, I am fragile!"


At lunch on Tuesday:

Leif: "Mommy help me." (Pulling at his pants while sitting eating lunch.)

NM: "Leif, what's wrong, what do you need help with?"

Leif: "I want to see my penis."

NM: "We don't take our penises out at the table."

(For the list of things I never thought I would hear myself say.)


This one is just more perplexing to us:

Leif: "I'm going to be a Colorado!"

Jumps off couch/chair/porch/whatever yelling COLORADO!

AB and I are completely perplexed. Though I had Leif tell my mom on the phone and she thought he said, "I'm going to Colorado" and when she started talking about things in Colorado (her cats) he agreed with her.

So my thinking is... we go on an airplane to go to Colorado. He is being like an airplane going to Colorado?

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