Monday, August 27, 2007

How about probably?

Leif has two new phrases he has picked up. Thankfully we aren't a cursing family, because Leif has become a mimic. He hears what we say, says it and once he has it figured out, uses it in different contexts.


"Probably the news is scaring me and we should watch Curious George instead." (AB tells me I start sentences with probably and I am forever telling AB to turn the news off as it will scare Leif.)

And this is him using it in his own context:

"Probably Baby Einstein's Oceans is too scary for me and we should watch Animals instead."

Another one:

"How about I wear my tiger costume today."

And taking it to the next level:

"It is too cold out for me and so how about I wear a jacket. How about my jacket is my tiger costume."

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