Sunday, August 05, 2007

I need to go back to work tomorrow...

In order to recover from my crazy busy weekend. Hate boring "this is what I did" posts? Feel free to skip this.

I am not sure when we got so busy. Don't get me wrong, it's all with good things, but my head starts spinning keeping our weekend plans straight.

The weekend even started a few hours early for me when Skadi was sent home with a full body rash, a low grade fever and crankiness. (She had immunizations on Tuesday, I am sure it was her system responding.) Thankfully for me, we got home and she slept the entire afternoon enabling me to knock out a few hundred mints for our friend's shower.

I remember now why my mom used to have "mint making parties" when I grew up. They are tastey, but it is a lengthy undertaking. I really enjoyed doing it actually as I sat there and watched bad afternoon TV knowing I really had nowhere else I needed (or should) go. We ordered Mexican in and had a good evening after kids went to bed watching Burn Notice. AB told me, though I proclaim his statement sacreligious, that Burn Notice is his new favorite and might even trump Big Love. I warned him that was grounds for divorce.

Saturday we got up and went to swimming where Leif and C splashed us and amazed us with their newfound abilities. Ok, truth be told, C amazed us with her new found abilities from her trip to see grandma and grandpa where she spent countless hours perfecting the butterfly. We ran to Target and some other errands then home for naptimes. And I am just going to note here that life is so nice with the kids currently napping at the same time in the afternoon.

After nap Leif had a playdate with one of his friend's from school. We stand at a new precipice... J was dropped off for his playdate with Leif. We have had a few playdates with him to the point, and I had told his mom that since she was packing and trying to get ready for their trip to Germany, that J was welcome to come over and give her a break. He did and I was shocked. Shocked at how well Leif and J played together. I never heard fighting over toys. Just two silly boys that started playing outside, moved inside and put sunglasses on their bellies and hunted for monsters in the house, and then cooked palotino and cinnabeannies with Leif's pots and pans. (Got me... here I was expecting to find out at pick up it was some German specialty that I needed a recipe for. Nope, his Dad was as perplexed as I was.)

So the play date without the other parent? Refreshing. I didn't need to clean my house... well just a little so that J's dad didn't think he was leaving his child in a death trap. (I was a touch worried when Leif came walking by with AB's lighter from the BBQ... no he can't light it, but I did shoot a glare at AB along the lines of "we have talked about putting those things up!") But while J was there, Leif was occupied playing and I fixed dinner while AB worked in the yard. I didn't have to hear once, "I want to watch a movie, no Curious George, no Clifford, no Baby Einsteins, no Curious George..."

AB and I fixed steaks for dinner and then settled down to watch Miss Potter (that AB picked out!) afterwards. I made it through about 1/3 before I was exhausted and snoozing.

Sunday we had a quiet morning. We headed out for a walk, a long one and Leif rode his tricycle quite vigorously. AB, who balked a few months ago that a 3yo on a tricycle needed a helmet has now changed his mind. Leif is a madman on his trike. Oh and that steer bar for the parents? So not coming off anytime soon... we need to maintain some control. I didn't know little legs could move so fast!

Much to Leif's excitement naptime came and went. All weekend he had been looking forward to going to C's house. We told him that he was going after nap on Sunday, so all Sunday morning he kept asking if he could go take a nap now? While it was tempting to call his bluff and take him up on it, I really wanted to maintain the schedule. He woke up a happy boy and was ready straight away to head out to the Open House Shower for our friends hosted by V.

I told V this on Friday... I don't know how she does it. If it is energy level, I want some. If it is not needing sleep, teach me how. The spread she put together was thoroughly amazing. It was a dessert and champagne (or other sparkley drinks) co-ed shower. It was gorgeous. And V really topped herself in putting so many fabulous desserts on the table that ALL exceeded any normal expectations for dessert. The shower was for our friends who are adopting a 3.5 year old from India and will soon be venturing over to get her. I can't wait to meet her.

We headed out from the shower and straight over to another couple's house for dinner. We talk to them a lot at the kid's school, and I have e-mailed with them both on occasion, but we have never gotten together. Once again, Leif and A played fabulously. (Three playdates, one weekend.) And they went all out in a totally unnecessary manner. They had a gift for Leif and a cake with candles for the boys to blow out. We had been working on getting over the whole "it's my birthday" thing... oh well! They cooked some fabulous salmon with a mushroom salsa, corn and a salad.

And once they found out that we enjoy wine? Well they opened two really stellar bottles (Owen Roe Merlot and a syrah I didn't see on the website). We found out we have friends in common, we share the same really wonderful ob/gyn. AB always comments that he could see us being good friends with my ob/gyn and I always tell him I am not sure I want to be good friends with the guy who checks me out down there. Well apparently that isn't a problem for J! They are really good friends with them, in fact, good enough that the good doc is willing to go to the other hospital to deliver their children since it is closer to their house.

As we left, the boys hugged AND kissed - which was WAY too cute seeing the little boys lip kiss. We left dinner as though we had left a first date. Did they have as good of a time as we did? Was it weird when I said this? I wonder if they had fun? And trying to figure out when we can have them over so that we can foster the friendship, and not be "those" people who never reciprocate.

Now? It is quiet in my house as everyone else sleeps. No wonder, it is late. And I am still looking forward to work tomorrow so I can relax a little. (And finish those last four proposals that need to be reviewed...)

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