Saturday, April 26, 2014

Well Children

Silas - age 1

Weight: 25.78 lbs - 86.62%
Height: 29.75"  - 49.6%
Head 18.9 in - 89.55%

Crawling fast, pulls himself up, mama, dada, ca (cat), uh oh (when he throws something on the floor). Loves his food - eats everything we put in front of him. Loves balls more than anything.

Skadi - age 7

Height: 45.75" - 16.3%
And since she is getting older, I am not going to post her weight. But it is commensurate with the height.
She is losing pace and I am trying not to be worried. She is a poor eater with lots of tummy aches that we have seen numerous doctors for. Even though she did not test positive for the celiac screen or for wheat allergy, we are trying gluten free for awhile. This has to show Skadi's desparation to resolve the issues as she is a baked goods junky. She gets this from me, I am positive.


Skadi age 1:
Length - 29.75" - 75th percentile
Weight - 25 lbs, 2 oz - 95th percentile
Head 45 cm
Leif age 1:
Weight 23 lbs 12.5 oz (33%)
Height 30.25" (55%)
Head 47 cm

Skadi and Silas are still tracking well together. Silas just a touch heavier then Skadi. What surprises me is that Leif had a half inch on Silas at this point, but was nearly 6 lbs lighter! Bean pole. Still is.

Busy busy bees

Well life is definitely busier as a mom of three. I love my blog - keeping it, going back and reading the past. And I want to stay on top of it, but my time. I have none.

I have a tough transition this week. To that of a non-nursing mom. I have always loved nursing my kids. When we thought we wouldn't get to have another baby after Skadi I mourned the fact that when I weaned her I hadn't really thought or commemorated in my own mind, "the last time I am nursing". And I regretted that at the time.

This time around I am wondering if that wasn't the better option? Now it is marked. Now the last nursing session (unless something goes very awry) is going to be tomorrow.

I am headed out Monday morning at the crack of dawn to get on an airplane where I will be gone all week to Tennessee. Yay. Not. Honestly I am most looking forward to sitting in the hotel working and catching up on things, uninterrupted.

That means that the last time I nurse Silas will either be Sunday afternoon or Monday early morning.

He has been weaning - only nursing once during the day and if he wakes at night. I don't have much milk at all. But making this final step going cold turkey has me panicking a little!

I can't stand pumping on travel. I have done it for a number of trips and I am really done. I am not hauling the big pump as I need to haul enough crap along on this trip. So I am taking the hand pump only. And after 5 days I fully expect that there will be nothing left when I get back.

And Silas will certainly have let it go.

Nursing hasn't been as easy this time around. Supply issues, cracked and bleeding nipples, you name it. Things I never struggled with before.

But still... he's my last! The last baby I will nurse.

There will be tears.

But next Friday all will be good and we will have moved on.