Thursday, August 02, 2007

Feeling the Love

Aside from Shannon and my mom, who else is addicted to Big Love? I just can't get enough. And I am already getting teary over the fact that there are only four more episodes. Six Feet Under despite it's finished status, has been my favorite TV series for some time now, but the podium is getting a little shaky.

I watched this week's episode a second time with AB last night. It was just as good as the first time around. Though at least I could fall asleep afterwards. Tuesday night when I watched it for the first time I could.not.fall.asleep. I felt like such a dork laying in bed smiling and stunned about a TV show!

AB asked me the other day why women like it? He can't imagine why a woman would enjoy watching a show about polygamy, after all isn't it demeaning to women? And he is right about polygamy, in general, being demeaning to women... however, aside from bringing home the bacon, and the bacon, and the bacon, Bill doesn't run the house, the women do.

AB and I joke that with as busy as we are, we need a second wife too. Of course *I* would prefer that she not be pretty like Chloe (because Chloe is really gorgeous even if Nicki looks like she came from the hills), or a hotey in bed like Margene (who has a super body for being pregnant with her third), instead just someone willing to do the laundry, clean my house, have a good tasting, healthy meal on the table when we get home, make sure we always have milk in the fridge and maybe sleep on the floor since we have no room in our house. Oh and for no pay, after all we are talking wife here, not maid.

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