Thursday, August 02, 2007

I have a three year old... gulp!

Leif is three. How did that happen? Yesterday he was just Skadi's size I am sure. Or I mean, yesterday he was just Skadi's age. (Because truly he probably was Skadi's size yesterday.)

We had a really great weekend with Leif. One of the best in a long time. I think I only started counting 12 times or so. Sunday was his actual birthday, but we kept it low key with presents to open throughout the day. We let him open one or two and then go play with it. When he got bored we would encourage him towards another.

Saturday was the big day and it started with him coming into our room for a snuggle at 5:40am and he was coaxed back to sleep for another hour and a half. However, a queen size bed never really was meant to house two adults, a large infant who sprawls and a three year old who kicks. AB complained he slept with a butt cheek hanging off. Oh well, it was a nice morning with two sleeping kiddos.

We got up, got ready and headed out to Leif's birthday party. A supposed quick stop at Starbucks for coffee (that turned into a VERY long stop) and we were on our way. All the 15 kids who RSVP'd showed up. It was a really fun morning watching them all play.

Leif got to do the slingshot bungee thing. We had him go after daredevil C because we were paranoid he would chicken out. We wanted him to see how much fun C had, because there was no way she was going to chicken out. Leif saw how fun it was and on his turn he decided to ham it up with a "KACHOW!" at the vertex of each sling. (Nooo... we never watch Cars...)

He went home and willingly crawled into bed and took a nap. (Did you read that? I wrote "willingly"!!) Once up from nap we went and ran errands. AB needed a watch for work and we needed sand for the birthday present sandbox.

We had dinner plans (razor clams), but on the drive home realized it was almost 6pm and no way was dinner getting done anytime soon. And we were hot and tired. We saw Round Table and decided we would make a birthday pitstop for dinner.

I was nervous... Skadi is out of her infant carrier, but not big enough to sit up. Leif hasn't been out to eat in awhile and I wasn't in the mood for fights. But we figured Round Table was a good testing ground. There were kids running all over. Many highly obnoxious. I feared Leif wanting to join in. Maybe he did want to join in, but he stuck close and only crawled under the table once (grosssss). Then he sat down and ate dinner - a whole piece of pizza and a carton of milk!

While we were finishing up two young panhandlers came by the table. My guess is that they were 5 and 7. The older brother convinced the little sister to come ask us for money. Parents? Completely oblivious. Had it been my kid, I would have been appalled. We sent them away empty handed.

A little while later (while discreetly nursing Skadi and coaxing Leif to finish up so we could go) the woman from the next table came over. I thought maybe I was going to get chastized for breastfeeding in plain sight or something like that even though I was covered. Not that I ever have been chastized, but I am paranoid about it. (I know, come on, I live in Washington state... everyone breastfeeds here.)

"You have a very well behaved little boy," she tells us.

I nearly turned into a blubbering idiot right there. On the outside I politely thanked her for the comment. Seriously? Someone thought MY little boy was well behaved?

Leif was an angel all day... maybe we were in opposite world.

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