Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Something like being robbed

Yesterday when I went to pick Skadi up, one of my favorite substitutes was manning the room. She was a regular in the infant room when Leif was there. A little ditzy, but talk about love the kids. She does. And she really does try. (As compared to a few other teachers who amaze me with their abilities to shut off their brain to the screams of an unhappy infant.)

She told me while smiling that she and her new husband are going to try to have a baby here in a year or so and that their number one name for a girl is Skadi. Told me how she just loves the name.

I wonder if she felt the daggers from my eyeballs hit?

Skadi as a name, as I have said before, is either loved or hated. Some people are indifferent. Then there is my grandmother who spent a week with us in June and still can't figure out how to pronounce her name. It doesn't matter since we love it, it holds meaning for us and I can't imagine our daughter being named anything else.

If someone told me they wanted to name their son Leif, I would be fine with that. His is a popular enough name. I am not sure I can put into words why this bugs me so. Why I need my daughter to be the one and only.

When I told AB this last night he reminded me that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Also added in, "wouldn't it be cool if we started a trend?"

No! It wouldn't be cool! My daughter's name is unique (some might say uneek), but it is her. My red haired, blue eyed, fair skinned daughter IS Skadi, the one and only.

I know, if I am that torn up about it, tell her. But I could never do that. I mean, if you love a name, you should use it. No matter what. Maybe... over the next few years she will happen upon another name she loves. Maybe she won't even have a girl.

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