Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The best tea ever

At Christmas last year in Colorado I managed to make it to P.F. Changs. Ok, I managed to make it there twice. Love that place. Word is (well word was the morning that Skadi was born and we were watching the news while I was in labor) that a P.F. Changes is coming here. I fear this was a cruel rumor to the laboring woman as I haven't heard much more about it.

While there I tried their Citrus Spice Herbal tea. Loved it - and I am not normally an herbal tea person, but I love black tea. That might have been the single reason I went back the second time. Ok, no, it was the Szechuan Scallops. But the tea was another good follow up reason.

After getting home the tea was still on my brain. I e-mailed P.F. Changs and they found it online for me (after a few e-mails internally since evidently not all the same teas are served at each restaurant). I was forever indebted and being that I was a pregnant woman at the time, I ordered about three boxes, knowing I wouldn't be able to get enough. Then I ordered another three boxes when my stash started running low.

Little AB was on a Jell-O rampage this afternoon. He found some molds and asked me what they were, when I told him that they were not indeed muffin molds as he was hoping, but instead Jell-O molds, he insisted we use them. I found the Jell-O in the pantry, and also uncovered my nearly forgotten stash of Citrus Spice Herbal tea.

I know... hot tea in the summer? How could I? But the string of sickness is still ongoing in our house. I have a nasty sour throat, runny nose and the starts of bronchitis.

But my tea has made all better. Well nearly. (And with memories of the most delicious scallops in the recent past.)

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