Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What my night has been like

At dinner

AB: "Leif, what did you do today at school."

Leif: "I did Tumblebus and Cooch Brett and the Alkdjfiwoeurhg told me to stop, but I wanted to jump and I went on the balance beam and he told me to stop again, but I went anyways and he yelled at me, but I told him no and I did Tumblebus and Cooch Brett let me fly and the balance beam hit me."

NM: "Ok then."

After dinner while picking up.

Leif (in the bathroom doing who knows what): "MOMMY, MOMMY!"

NM: "What sweety?" (Running into the bathroom.)

Leif (standing on the vanity stool leaning on the sink looking in the mirror) : "Look at my beautiful brown eyes."

While playing outside before bath.

Leif: "Mommy can you lift me up there?"

NM: "Up where?"

Leif: "On top of the roof."

NM: "No. Why do you want on the roof?"

Leif: "So I can jump off and fly like an airplane to Colorado to see grandma."

NM: "Umm no."

Leif: "But I want to see grandma!"

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