Monday, August 20, 2007

Survived another weekend

Once again I found myself somewhat happy to sit quietly at my desk this morning. And for good measure, I even shut my door to ensure silence. It was just something I needed to do.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning after being shocked it was 7am and all three of us; Leif, Skadi and I, were all still snoozing. And when I say dragged... I am not joking. I could have easily slept substantially longer. But fear of actually getting to work at a halfway decent time got me moving.

After the shower, Leif showed up in the kitchen requesting dinosaur egg oatmeal and we had breakfast together.

Saturday was a very hectic day. Leif had swimming class and then we rushed around for a few last minute things for our BBQ. Thankfully Leif and Skadi both took naps when we got home. AB and I put together dinner. I made three nectarine pies (freezing two), pasta salad and AB's favorite, chipotle baked beans. I had looked for another option, but AB balked when I expressed a desire to ditch the baked beans.

AB slaved the afternoon over the BBQ/smoker slow smoking four tri-tip roasts with a mix of cherry wood and Sangiovese vines.

We hosted four other couples and two friend's of Leifs. The kids had a great time running around. The addition of the third child really altered the normal dynamic between Leif and C. They really are a lot like siblings in many ways. They are usually thrilled to get together, but often times end up bickering over the tiniest, insignificant thing. This time it was a 3" rocket ship with Jimmy Neutron on it. And it is my guess, that neither child has the foggiest who Jimmy Neutron is. But the dynamic shifted when a third friend from school showed up. Suddenly Leif worried less about C playing with his toys and the kids actually settled in and played.

Our friends brought dishes to share and some really spectacular wines. I think we ended up with four or five open and my favorite was the Yakima Cellars Sangiovese. Sangiovese isn't a varietal I automatically gravitate to. I really need to explore it a little more. Of course this was a tough sell between that Sangiovese and the Bella Dry Creek Zinfandel... because I am just a zin-girl. But seriously honorable mentions go to the Reininger Helix Rose, the Cougar Crest Syrah and the L'Ecole '98 Cab. All were well matched with dinner and just fabulous wines.

We had a great evening sitting on the patio chatting with friends. After everyone left I realized how tipsy I had gotten in my quest to taste and double taste the wines to assure myself which were my favorites.


We were lazy Sunday morning, picked up the house, and then when Leif wasn't showing signs of napping at all, we let him up. (Requesting oatmeal at 1:30 pm because he is hungry...) At 3pm I went to get directions for the birthday party Leif was attending and found out that it was actually only about 3 minutes from our house. Nice...

Upon arriving, I was a little less optimistic about the party. It was stated on the invitation to be a pool party... but I guess I should have inquired a little further instead of assuming it was a little pool party. Nope, inground pool party. This just required so much more attention and focus than I had in me. I was happy to have a reason to phone AB and insist that he come over asap to help - and bring a towel and extra clothes for Leif.

He return phone called a few minutes later asking me to come and pick them up. Leading me to question what part of "Leif is in an inground swimming pool that goes to six or more feet" he didn't understand. Oh and this is also the point at which I was THRILLED that my son has finally figured out the poop training thing. Paddling over to me in the inner tube and telling me he had to poop made me ultra proud... and relieved. Ok, more relieved.

AB showed up with a newly wakened Bean in an outfit to make a mother bawl. Got to get those binder clips. Let's see... mauve pants (too small) a pink WSU Cougars undershirt, and her pink going home from the hospital sweater (read way too small). AB told me they were all pink. Umm, not really. And "all pink" is not necessarily a good thing. Anyways...

So pool party for the three year old children? Not really a great idea. Great way to make the parents of your attendees sweat. Though the chocolate raspberry gourmet birthday cake went a long way to repair my nerves.

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