Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What a difference a day makes

Yeah so I was actually looking forward to going to work on Monday. Wouldn't it just figure then that Leif woke up with a fever after a very rough night. Started about 102F, then went to 103F and finally topped out at 104.3F. Yes, I was freaking. He was lethargic and burning up, yet telling me I was hot when I touched him.

A highly anticipated visit to the doctor where he was disappointed not to get another shot (weird child), instead a course of prescribed antibiotics. A good nap, a good night's sleep and what a difference a day makes. He is a different child today.


Last night AB was trying to figure out how to request time off to go interview for a position as an engineering sales rep. He wasn't thrilled about the job, though there were nice perks (car, phone, laptop) but lots of downsides (travel, working out of the home, doing sales). But it was a permanent position.

He went in to work today and was offered a full time permanent position with the company he is interning with! What a difference a day makes.


I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon that set me off, it said: "Thanks to everyone for the submissions to this year's proposal call. They were all high quality. The first cut was made yesterday. If you didn't make the first cut, you will get an e-mail why." Being that I hadn't received an e-mail about making the first cut, I steamed and snorted, got teary and emotional, then growled and grumbled about how my whole purpose in my directorate (supposidly) is to establish a surface science capability. Well how am I supposed to do that when my proposals never make it past the first stage and no one seems to want to step out of the box and investigate surface science techniques as options for these types of issues? I was steamed and ready to go to my mentor and gripe, oh hell with it, I was going to go to my manager and scream. I was ready to make a call and tell a certain large corporation I was ready for that interview - afterall, AB's job prospects were about as bright as my career last night.

Then this morning I got the list of proposals and PI's. Out of sheer torment I clicked it open to see who exactly got the "go ahead". Yeah yeah yeah... the usual suspects. There's my name. What? There is a "Y" by my name! What the?? After triple checking to make sure that a "Y" meant the "go ahead" to the next step I nearly cried. And then I kicked myself for jumping to conclusions last night and getting all worked up that the powers that be would actually send out "congrats" notices as opposed to a spreadsheet after the first downer e-mail. (Bunch of analytical analytics...) My future may have something in store here... what a difference a day makes.


Last night we were talking about moving out of the area. Today we talked about resuming our hunt for lots/houses for sale. What a difference a day makes. (And if my FIL is reading, yes Horn Rapids is on our list for this weekend.)

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