Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So that's what an MBA is for...

In addition to requiring oral presentation skills and writing skills for graduate science degrees (which are not required in most US programs), I propose we also add in some business classes. And maybe a few courses in political science too? Though I fear the later won't really provide an insight into the politics I need a crash course in. That being simple workplace politics.

Last week I was "spinning up" as a project manager. I am now not only spun, but completely wound.

My worklife changed this week. Since I started here nearly six years ago and with the exception of teleconference Wednesdays where I would run in and hit the ground running with an all morning client meeting, I usually start out my mornings leisurely as I arrive, check my e-mail, respond to e-mail, call people who need to be called (which pretty muchnever happens), and work hard to be down to business by 10am.

I walked in this morning to my phone ringing.

Oh that's another thing. Everyone, except my sector manager, uses e-mail to communicate quickly. He goes the old fashioned way and picks up the phone and calls. And is apparently ok with waiting on the line for my ancient computer to boot up, get logged in and open the file in question.

And honestly, so far I am loving this guy. I have been working with him for right at a week now and am already bummed about his retirement slated for a June 2009. Though he keeps holding the Triple Crown in front of me - a suite of projects constituting a program he has slated to take "us" through 2014.

Ever just click with someone you work with? I have only had a few of those so far, some people I get along fine with, others we don't click, but relatively few that it feels like a really good fit - and I am sure a good portion of it is my own personality. But wow, it is a nice feeling when it happens.

(I have in fact, been ignoring pings from potential employers that I touched base with this past summer. I am also feeling stronger about getting our house ready to sell and finding a new one a year from now. AB... not quite there yet and still resides in "what would it be like if we lived there".)

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