Tuesday, January 08, 2008

M-I-N-E Mine!

I just got through e-mailing my mom this, but figured I would post it here too.

Leif is really into what is his and lately wants his name on all his toys. I think this comes from preschool and they put their name on their things as well as one of his favorite movies, Toy Story, where Andy (the little boy) puts his name on his toys.

Recently Leif asked me to put his name on his Buzz Lightyear, but not on the shoe like Andy does, he wanted his name on Buzz's Jetpack instead. We took care of that.

He routinely tells us, "that says L-E-I-F Leif, it's mine".

The other day though the evil little sister tried to get one of his toys. I asked him to please share.

"It doesn't say L-E-I-F Skadi!" he told me.

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