Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Birthdays on the cheap

So we got this Sundance gift card... I went window shopping today with an e-mail to AB open to provide links to him. I love their big thick silver rings like these two in particular... Love them.

AB... notsomuch with the love for the big thick rings... he thinks my fingers need something dainty for some reason.

So my goal was to only provide links to those to him and hope he doesn't deviate... it is taking a chance, but it is Sundance and I love everything there, so if it was dainty, I would still love it.

Then I clicked on the "Shoes and Bags" tab.

HAD to have it. HAD to. You will understand why.

Regularly $295 on sale for $99... and then we have the $50 gift card courtesy of Mr. Redford and all. They were practically paying me to take it.

Nope there wasn't any letting AB make the decision... my birthday present was set as I reminded him how $49 compared to a Coach purse.

He got a 1.5 hour hot stone massage scheduled for Saturday in exchange.

Oh and that hot stone massage? Apparently we paid twice at some point earlier and never noticed it... or something... we had a credit for one 1.5 hour hot stone massage much to our delight.

Now THAT'S the way to do birthdays!

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