Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Now THAT'S customer service!

AB told me when he ordered my earrings online from Sundance catalog (one of my favorite online sites... though I can never justify buying the stuff for myself) that something weird happened when he checked out. AB never orders online and I figured he was just being a goof. He told me he got two order confirmations and two different shipping tracking numbers.

A few days later he evidently got a note that one order was return shipped by UPS to Sundance as it was sent out in error. AB never had to do anything.

Yesterday in the mail he got a letter of apology from the company for the confusion as well as a $50 gift card! Robert Redford is a very generous man.

I asked AB immediately exactly how expensive my earrings were?

$27 he told me.

Guess who's going shopping! (And if anyone is looking for a great company to buy gifts from, check out Sundance.)

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