Sunday, January 20, 2008

January is done!

My January goal is done. The library, and it is gorgeous. (Check out the new PB light!)
Actually I am really happy with the end product. Sure, if I had my way the area under the window with the kid's table might house a chaisse lounger perfect for snuggling up and reading a book. And the kid's table and chairs and toys would be relegated to the playroom... but we have no playroom. And a chaisse isn't within the budget.

And if I were really complete I would have done something (though I am not sure what) with the old computer in the box under the desk. But it isn't in the way, and we both keep thinking "what if we need something off of it" and so it doesn't get recycled. But as it stands, I am thrilled with the library. I even cleaned the insides of the desk drawers and the cedar chest.

AB has gotten into my monthly goals groove too. He asked me yesterday, "which room is next?" Followed by a quick, "we don't start it until February right? That's the point, right?"

We chatted about what room is on the list next. I had put the guest bath on there and his response was, "what are you doing with that room?"

"Organizing it," I told him.

"Well that will take all of a couple hours," he said.

He is right. The bathroom can and probably should be tossed in with another room and not given an entire month to itself.

We did decide that we would tackle Leif's room next. I had hesitated because of the packed to the brim walk in closet in his room. Full of stuff. Full of stuff that isn't his.

AB felt we should clean the closet out in search of garage sale fodder. But the reality of the situation is that unless we get a storage unit (and we are waffling on this), most everything will probably go right back in there in an albeit, far more organized fashion. We could probably even carve out some room for Leif's stuff and he might be able to utilize it.

SO that is the plan. Leif's room for February!

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