Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What has happened to me?

I used to buy shoes. A lot of shoes.

Over the last few years I have been purging my shoes. Not practical, too 90's, what was I thinking...

I am down to about twenty reliable pairs I either wear regularly or could envision myself wearing.

Ok, so maybe those two pairs of Doc Martins might not get a lot of wear - like ever, but I still love them. And so they are still in my closet. (I did actually wear the boots to work shortly after I started here and received more comments about my shoes than as a shoe girl, I was ever comfortable with. That's a lot.)

The past few years I have bought about one pair of shoes a year. And they have all been practical.

Last night my black pumps arrived from Zappos.

Love them. They really are cute and at just under $100, they work and bear a striking similarity to Cole Haan's Ambrose pumps I was coveting at $278. We are afterall, on a budget...

I wore them around the house getting used to them, making sure I didn't need to return and that I could walk in them today.

I could, just barely.

Leif comes up to me and looks at me, looks at my shoes and says, "did V bring those shoes over for you?"

I don't know what is more concerning, that my son doesn't know that *I* am a shoe girl too? Or that he has recognized and logged in his head what type of shoes V wears?

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