Monday, January 14, 2008


Sorry to get your hopes up if you were looking for a blog that might make you drool. Yes, I like cheeses too... but...

NM: "Which book do you want to read tonight?"

Leif: "I want to read the book about cheeses!"

NM: "I don't know what that one is, is it the Mickey book?" (Not a bad guess, there is cheese pictured there.)

Leif: "No. The cheeses book. Happy birthday cheeses."

NM: (totally perplexed) "Your cookbook?"

Leif: "No cheeses, Happy Birthday cheeses!"

A few days later...

Leif: "Look mommy! My happy birthday cheeses book is in the car!"

NM: (I look back while driving.) "Oh you mean Happy birthday JESUS!"


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