Sunday, January 06, 2008

The goal... my library. I need your help.

My goal for the year is to organize and work on one room a month. This first month I tackled one that is in bad need of organization, will require minimal $$ input and because of its location - next to the foyer - I have found to be a necessity since people walk in and see it first. My weakness is books and my dislike is to deal with papers, making this room in sore need of attention.

I started tackling it this weekend and was fairly pleased. I sorted through the small, chintsy, ugly bookshelf, throwing stuff away and making a garage sale stack. Then I tackled my big bookshelf. Both are done to my satisfaction. That still leaves the desk, the few kids toys in the room and the file cabinet (i.e. aside from the kids toys - dealing with paper. Not my fun task.)

AB has jumped on board and has agreed to go through his stack of school papers (so I don't just dump them all in the trash).

So far for this room I have discovered the need for more photo archival boxes (Michaels next weekend) since I have lots of packages of photographs that I may never get to organizing. And since many don't have kids in them and are pre-kids, I am fine with boxes and not albums. I asked AB what we needed for the room and his response was a new bookshelf (to replace the chintsy ugly one from grad school days) and a lamp.

I nixed the bookshelf because that is a pricey item that I can't justify right now, but he is right, we are sorely in need of a lamp.

Here is my dilemma... ok, I will bare my library to the world. See... I told you, the file cabinet and desk are next on the list. Help me with a lamp... floor lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp? (Notice the one light we have in this room is on the file cabinet behind the box of stuff - a cheap desk lamp that doesn't put out much for light. And we have no overhead light in here either.)

And if you know of any inexpensive bookshelfs that could replace the little, overloaded with books one, let me know.

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