Tuesday, January 08, 2008


That's me. 36 today.

I remember when my mom turned 36. I was graduating from high school that year and she had a moment of melancholy (among many moments of rejoicing I am sure) and I told her, "you can still have another!" She laughed at me.

Though at the time that moment didn't stick in my mind, I remember it now. How different we are in so many ways (that being one, I have a 9 month old at 36 and she had a high school graduate), but also very alike in so many ways too. I wonder what my daughter's life will be like when she turns 36?

I am not one to hide from my age... yet. I am proud what I have done with my years. And whenever I need that bounce I pull out my CV and read it and look at my kids. There are very few things I would change.

Today was a good day. We woke up to snow on the ground and as soon as I checked to make sure we DID actually have work today (ok, I was being overly optimistic with checking, but you never know, they have cancelled work for less before).

Leif was agreeable this morning and easily pliable with promises of "cow chocolate milk" and pumpkin bread from Starbucks courtesy of grandma's gift card to me. I had the pumpkin spice latte and my own piece of pumpkin bread, because I was NOT sharing on my birthday. And Leif is a piggy boy when it comes to Starbucks pumpkin bread.

We followed the very slow procession of cars into work. I am a big proponent of driving to the point that one is comfortable driving in adverse conditions. And I do realize that growing up in Colorado and driving a 1979 Mazda RX-7 in the snow for six years does give me certain powers that normal mortals don't possess... but come on!

I had a nice day at work. I am getting used to the idea that I am going to be managing a very large project where the PI was my former team lead and is currently one of the team leads in my management line. Gotta love matrix management. And I am shuffling that with the proposal that is due on Friday. That will be the remainder of my week as well.

I cooked beef stroganov for dinner tonight. One of my favorite, quick weeknight meals. I mean seriously, what can be better than roux, sour cream, good tender beef and mushrooms? AB wrestled with the kids... literally. Skadi was fussy and Leif was a little turd most of the night and making us nuts. But that is what little 3.5 year old boys do, right? Make us nuts? My daughter will never do such a thing.

We cleaned up and put the kids to bed and both are headed that way here shortly too. I am not returning a single call tonight either. My family is great... they are the ones that will always remember your birthday and never fail to call. (Not pointing fingers or anything at any other families, I am just saying...) They are really great. Though I wonder what planet some of them came from with statements like, "well you are probably out partying it up for your birthday" left on our answering machine.

No actually, we were putting kids to bed. (How do I show emphasis on "were"?)

No I am kidding... mostly. I love them all and I am so lucky to have family that remembers my birthday and puts it into action by calling to let me know they thought about me. That is the best thing ever and truly I am blessed to have this.

This weekend we will be partying it up a little more... AB is smoking a prime rib for me... all me. Truth be told he was happy when I gave him the go ahead, he was hoping to have a second go at the smoked prime rib to redeem himself for the ever so slight things he wants to change. Usually I opt for seafood on my birthday and we do a bouilliabaisse (however you spell that) or a cioppino. But my mouth waters for that prime rib from Christmas and I relish the chance to sort through our wines and pick out a match. I told AB I wanted to drink more of our good wines this past year and we are succeeding there.

Thanks all for your warm wishes on my birthday!

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