Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mammary glands?

So I am really curious, who uses the word "breasts"?

We have taught Leif the anatomical words for everything so far. Ok, well so he only really knows "p----". And he talks about it a lot. We haven't gotten to "v-----" yet, because as far as Leif is concerned he has a p---- and Skadi does not and mommy does not, but daddy does. Someday he will ask or it will come up when Skadi is learning, but until then we are fine with this status quo. (I have abbreviated those words not because I have a fear of typing them - but I do have a fear of someone searching those words and winding up here.)

Since I nurse Skadi, and I take a bath with the kids, and we have a pretty open door policy in our house regarding nudity, Leif also knows that I have something he doesn't. My boobies. He also knows that someday Skadi will have boobies, but he just has nipples. Take this exchange the other night on the way home from work as evidence:

NM: "Leif I am so proud of you, today is two days of not pooping your pants at school, you are doing so good with your poopies."

Leif: "Mommy, I have told you and told you, I am a boy and so I only have nipples, not boobies."
Evidently I need to work on my "p" sound! Or turn down the music.

I was raised using "boobs" or "boobies" to describe our mammary glands. And believe me, with a grandmother like mine, the topic was discussed frequently! She used to make me cry as a prepubescent girl when she would tell me I was going to have boobies like hers someday.

Now I know better. My response should have been, nope, I won't, because I will get a reduction before I ever get to that point!

Anyways, back on topic... I told you "boobies" come up and my grandmother's name does too - believe me the stories go on.

Leif also knows what my boobs are for, they make milk to feed Skadi. However, he hasn't quite figured out that boys can't make milk. Enter exhibit two...

I was getting the kids dressed and Skadi was flopping backwards onto Leif's lap and giggling. He loved having her lay her head on his lap. He was kissing her and being generally sweet, so I jumped up to go do something.

I came back and Leif was leaning over Skadi.

"Whatcha doin'," I asked him.

"I am feeding Skadi milk from my nipples," Leif said,

"No silly boy, you can't do that, only mommies," I tell him removing Skadi before certain trauma set in that would scar her for life.

"No, I have nipples, I can feed her too," he said,

All I could think of was the supposed tribe in Africa that our lactation consultant rallied on and on about where the men lactate and feed the babies... AB could tell you all about it... it is imprinted on his brain for life.

Getting back to my question though... I have to admit I was a little mortified a few months ago when friends were over, mom was nursing her little girl who is 2 months older than Skadi. Leif walked up and said, "is she eating milk from your boobies?"

I was sensing the scorn from the other parents that MY son doesn't use the word "breasts". My face was burning.

Very politely she told Leif she was feeding her little girl like his mommy feeds his sister. Thankfully he dropped it.

I did a HUGE phew though a few weeks later when I was nursing Skadi at their house and their son walked up and said, "she is eating from your boobies like my sister does!"

He said boobies.


Why is it I have no problem with p----- and v----- but saying "breasts" just nearly kills me?

Is it because we were a "boob/boobies" family growing up? Or is it that a few certain girls in high school (let's see if Vargas Girl can guess who I am talking about - if it drove her as insane as it did me) thought it was hilarious to wander around saying "breasts" with a lisp as they clutched her own.

That might be what did it for me, because when I read the word I hear it in my head like THEY used to say it.

Ok, now that I got THAT off my chest.

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