Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update on the Bean

Skadi has a mole in the funniest of places... her belly button! It didn't heal well after she was born. It was treated with silver nitrate when she was two months old and it has since healed most of the way. There was a spot that had appeared as a scab for a few weeks. Finally last night I decided I was going to wash it well and see if I could get the freakishly adherent scab to start moving on. When I couldn't distinguish the edges of the scab from her skin I took a look and realized it is a little mole! On her bee-bo!

There isn't a whole lot going on with her lately. A friend of mine today asked how she was and then said, "well she must be crawling by now". He was happy to hear that time wasn't flying nearly as fast as it sometimes feels.

Nope, not crawling, but she is a big girl. She has rolls and rolls. I weighed her at 17 lbs the other day. Fear that she will be moving out of the baby bucket far too soon plagues me. I put her in one of the ultra-cute outfits this morning and was saddened to see that the arm holes were no longer big enough (even though the rest of the outfit was fine). *Sigh*

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