Wednesday, June 27, 2007

For my wine loving friends

Something has happened to my palate. It has been replaced with one more refined. I blame our friends.

Years ago when we went wine tasting there wasn't a wine I didn't at least like. Most anything tasted just fine to me and a large percentage of those tasted great.

The Friday before I returned from maternity leave, AB and I took off with Skadi and left Leif in daycare and went to a few new wineries in the area, something we don't do regularly because we don't have the time and it isn't an ideal outting for a 3 year old. I was disappointed by the fact that not only were there wines I didn't like, but a huge number I would call mediocre and only a small number that I really liked. My palate now has a Gaussian distribution.

AB picked up a California Central Coast Chardonney the other day for something different. We chilled it, opened it and I nearly spit it all over the counter.

"There's something wrong with this," I told AB.

He swirled it, sniffed and immediately announced it was cork taint without any hesitation.

Given that some huge percentage (relatively that is) of wines are corked, I counted myself lucky to have not had a corked wine before. (Joking!) On a serious note, I am sure I had corked wine before, but never picked it up.

I left the glass sitting there the rest of the evening. I kept smelling it. How could that whole bottle be trash? It just can't be bad. Can it? Even after my husband told me 14 times it was the bottle, I still questioned my palate. It must be me... maybe chard just wasn't what was going to agree with me tonight.

Confidence... my palate may have changed in the last few years since moving here to the land of wine and water. But it will take awhile before my palate has confidence.

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