Friday, June 22, 2007

Five Years of Service

My acting manager called me this morning to be sure I was going to be in my office before he stopped by. I actually had no idea why he would be swinging by. It isn't like I actually even talk to my managers. My curiousity was peaked.

He is one of those guys who talks a lot. Makes a lot of vague references and expects you to follow them. He is also a super guy. For one of the pointy haired sorts, he gets it. Well mostly.

He came in and starting chatting about the history of the company, what it was like here during the 80's, yadda yadda yadda. I smiled and nodded. Not sure at all where this was headed.

He then moved onto that working somewhere for five years is a big deal. (Well sort of, compare to the fact he has been here for 25.) He also told me that this is the time when statistically speaking employees tend to start thinking about leaving. I tried not to let that guilty look take over my face, reminding myself that AB has a good job right now, any plans to jump ship have at least been put off for a minimum of three months. He moved on to the fact that he recognizes that I am the "orphan" among the group... however, he has never had to "deal" with me or find me work. So I am an orphan he is happy to have and he hopes I won't become a stastitic. (Seriously wondering if those rumors about brain implantation aren't correct.)

Finally he reaches in his pocket and pulls out the most wrinkled envelope I have seen in a long time. My five year service award that included a just as wrinkled letter from the lab director with his signature stamped on the bottom and a $30 gift card for the mall. He apologizes for the lateness... my manager had meant to give it to me when I came back from maternity leave four or so weeks ago, but she never got around to it, so she gave it to him and he kept forgetting, but finally just made a point to get out here to give it to me. (My 5 years was April 29th...)

Wow. What do I say? People really want to leave here at their five year mark? I can't imagine why!

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