Monday, June 11, 2007

The biggest problem with preschool...

Leif has apparently survived his first day of primary. I worried horribly about this, mostly because he was gone all last week (so he only had two visits to the room) and also due to the late night return from Alaska last night. He didn't get to bed until 9:45pm and didn't fall asleep until an hour later - seriously inhibiting my Sopranos viewing, which *had* to be completed last night to avoid the buzz and spoilers today. (Done, watched, not impressed.)

We planned tentatively to meet C outside so the kids could walk in together for moral support. Leif beamed upon seeing her standing outside and there were many hugs. We walked in and the kids, as expected took off towards their former classroom. Luckily their former teacher was also outside in the hallway, caught them and herded them into their new room.

Leif hit the room like a storm never letting his smile fade. We found his locker and he tossed his blankey in, went to the fridge and he couldn't get his lunch in fast enough. I managed to get a hug and kiss goodbye. I looked around a little and picked up Skadi. One of the teachers announced it was time to go outside and Leif was first out the door and halfway across the "big kids playground" before I could count to three.

C was far more considerate of her dad's feelings in making sure he knew, even if just for a few minutes, that he was needed, loved and her protector against anything scary and new. My child... not so considerate.

I felt a little choked up as I drove by the playground seeing Leif and C climbing on playground equipment without an adult standing immediately adjacent. I kept thinking "he could fall off that monkey bar" all the while knowing that if he did he would get up, dust himself off and crawl right back up there.

No phone calls today announcing any serious impalements due to monkey bars. Not that I would really know since I have no phone in my office. (The source of my disgruntled rumblings all day today.) And my cell phone is very near going kaput in addition to its spotty coverage. (Please let AB get an actual salary with this internship. I want a decent phone when we renew our contract!)

AB picked him up and apparently we do have a new problem though. Convincing our son to leave. Oh and the fact that he feels it completely necessary to eat his two little gummy frogs before his main course instead of after. (Evidently a major transgression in the Montessori world.)

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