Friday, June 15, 2007

Pizza pizza

We don't even have a Little Caesars here that I know of. But I feel somehow compelled to do the "pizza pizza" thing when talking about pizza.

I had pizza last week while AB and Leif were out of town. So I wasn't overly compelled to have it again. But AB was craving it, so last night was pizza night.

Pizza is one thing that AB and I don't usually agree upon. He likes a doughy crust, I like thin. He likes meat intense and I prefer vegies. We don't even agree upon who makes the best pizza. And frozen pizzas are even worse... except that we both agree that the much sought after frozen Kirkland pizzas on the grilled crust with pesto, fresh mozzarella and sundried tomatoes ARE the best things around frozen. Too bad we can no longer FIND them. Costco just kills me that way.

Leif has sided with AB in his pizza preferences, and since we don't order more than one large because it won't get eaten, the pizza we order as a family usually leaves much to be desired by me. That's alright though... I need to lose some weight and it is a perfect guarantee that I won't be tempted by more than two small pieces.

So dinner last night was "ehh". The pizza arrived and cost more than we were told (coupon was not applied after repeatedly reading off the coupon code to the voice on the other end of the phone). The topping selections on our half and half were wrong. They put one half toppings on the whole pizza, but did change the sauce as requested. So all in all last night, pizza was a bust for us all. Leif didn't care for his toppings, AB was annoyed that the coupon was not applied most of all, and I was just indifferent on the whole thing sitting in front of me.

AB made the call to the pizzeria to complain and we ended up with a $20 credit. Yippee.

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