Monday, June 25, 2007

My horoscope

“Someone in power is paying attention to you today, so be sure you look your best.”

I read my horoscope this morning and laughed when I should have listened. From the first part of May up until AB got his new job a few weeks ago, I was applying for jobs. Not really applying necessarily... more sending out unsolicited e-mails with my CV attached to those companies that screamed of the possibility of “ideal jobs”. Those ones that fit into the upper echelon of “wouldn’t it be nice if I landed *that* job in that coolest of locales”! Just putting out feelers basically in areas AB and I identified as places we would like to live.

My fishing rod bobbed today. A bite. The fish is a very large one in a very choice locale. They are a main client, for my industry project client. My research (hopefully) will eventually end up on their fab floor. My jaw dropped when I saw the e-mail expressing their desire for me to go forward in their application process on their secure server.

I sit here with the e-mail in my Inbox staring me in the face. I am afraid to click the link. I pulled up the CV I sent them wondering what exactly peaked their interest. I called AB.

NM: “So I got an e-mail from Y company.”

AB: “You’re kidding me.” (Expletive deleted.)

NM: “Umm, no.”

AB: “Can I just say I am extremely reluctant to leave here now that I have landed a really good paying job, in fact the best paying job I have ever had, with a huge international engineering firm after job hunting for nearly a year?”

NM: “Mmm hmmm” (said with visions of computer chips dancing in my head.)

Ok, I am going to click the link after my stomach settles, because puke all over my desk wouldn’t smell very nice.


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