Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Warning, substantial whining ahead

Ever have one of those series of days when nothing can go right?

It started with last Wednesday and a diagnosis of ringworm in my three year old.

Then continued on Thursday when my building was evacuated.

Onto Friday where I picked up Skadi an hour after dropping her off after finding out I was off work due to the issue the previous day. While there I found out her main caregiver would be off a significant amount of the next likely three months as her longtime partner dies. (Just the thought brings tears to my eyes. Why does crappy stuff happen to good people?)

A minor one in comparison, but Saturday AB and I came down with colds.

We reached Monday where I learned I would be off work at least one more day. Then I walked in to get my son out of bed when he was yelling only to find out he was unable to walk.

It is now Wednesday and things have started to turn around. My building is reopened and I am working again. Leif can walk fine, though there is still no (reasonable, in my mind) explanation for his ailment Monday. (The radiologist phoned this morning and his x-rays are all good.) And the colds are abating.

Can we just get some good things going now? Please?

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