Monday, June 25, 2007

Just call me "sucker"

Peer review… as a scientist it is something that is viewed as a donation to the good of science. Something you are asked to do to keep the industry honest and forthright.

Then there’s the flip side, it feeds my ego. Every June when I get the request from the national organization for which I review proposals, I immediately file it away for my annual review. “See here, someone respects my thoughts at this level!” Then sometime in July I review my one or two proposals in this obscure field. They are usually long, and since I try to give really good constructive criticism, it takes awhile to complete.

Each year I volunteer to review as many proposals as they need me for. Like I said, obscure field… one or two a year.

Six. That would be six freaking fifteen to twenty page technical proposals that I was “awarded” to review this year.

As AB said, “well they must think you do a good job!”

Or they see the big sign on my back that says “sucker”.

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