Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bike horns and giants

Bicycle horns and giants

When you see a bike horn, what do you think of? Yes, a bike horn… like this:

Well if you are like my son, your first thought is that it is a miniature sized breast pump.

AB and I walked into the living room hearing the lovely honking sound indicative that Leif had once again located his bike horn. (It fell between the sectional awhile back and AB and I “left” it there.) However, seeing him holding his shirt up with the horn over his left nipple wasn’t quite what we expected.

“Mommy, daddy, this pump is noisy!”


We have been working with Leif on spelling his name. Dinner the other night…

NM: “Leif, can you spell your name?”

Leif: Blank, slightly irritated look.

NM: “L…..”

Leif: “E… I… Fo… Fum”

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