Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The laughs I so needed

Today when I dropped Leif at daycare I stood around chatting with his teachers while he put his lunch away. The class has a big fridge and there are bins for food. The kids put their labeled food in the bins then the class lunch helpers for the day help sort it out for each child for lunch.

I was chatting away with the two teachers explaining why Leif would be out a few days next week (the dental thing) when I catch a glimpse of Leif playing with the butter drawer in the fridge.

NM: "Leif close that and put your lunch in the bins."

Leif: "In here mommy."

NM: "No, in the bins Leif." (Catching a glimpse of a number of baggies in the butter drawer.)

I went over and saw that it was moldy food! A number of bags of moldy food in the butter drawer. Gross.

NM to teachers: "Did you know these were in here?" pointing to the bags.

Teachers: "No, where did these come from?" pulling them out.

Sudden familiarity.

A bag of what used to be golden raspberries, a few bags of tomatoes with black and grey spots, a bag of cookies, a bag of mystery meat, a bag of slimy plums... Probably 10 or so bags.

All with Leif's name on each and every one.

The teachers admitted to wondering on occasion why his lunch was so light.


Leif on the phone with grandma on the way home.

Leif: "Hi, how are you?"

Leif: "How are you?"

Leif: "That's good."

Leif: "somethingsomethingmumblemumble and so I pushed him!"

Leif: "And Mrs. V asked me if I needed an icee and I said Noooooo."

Leif: "Because cause somethingsomethingmumblemumble"

Leif: "Because cause somethingsomethingmumblemumble"

Leif: "Because cause, bye!"

Flips the phone shut.

(After much prodding I still have no idea who he pushed, or why, or what happened or why he needed an icee. I just get "because cause" out of him. I will be talking to daycare tomorrow.)

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