Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The weekend update

As always, our weekend was a whirlwind. When I look at the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen and see "Wednesday" I have a mixture of joy (that this week is already halfway over) and a sense of dread (of all the things I need to get done before AB gets home from work tomorrow evening and we jump in the car and head out towards Portland).

So the weekly recap of the weekend... Saturday was a playdate for both kids with siblings from daycare, children of a woman I work with... sort of. "With" as in for the same company. It went well. We raced home where I threw on a new pair of cute jeans and a shirt, AB assured me that in this town I was plenty dressed up for a night out. (Anywhere else, so not the case.) He was happy to see I was just wearing jeans and went with the like.

The sitter showed up and I fussed over the bottle warmer. Something we just don't use and had long since forgotten how much water to add to warm an average sized bottle. Dinner was great. We lingered over the food (steamer clams, salad AND chowder, my halibut cheeks-yum, AB's grilled halibut with peach salsa, a chocolate melting cake...) then headed out for a walk afterwards when we saw that it was right about bedtime. We were paying the sitter afterall... she could have the joy that is bedtime in our house.

While out on our walk AB found himself helping carry a wheelchair bound woman up the dock stairs. They had been out on one of the local dinner cruises and could not get the chair (with elderly woman in it) up. Who knows what they woud have done had AB not just happened to have been there. When she was safely on dry land we continued our walk. We laughed as the people said, "oh you were just out for a walk? We thought you were with the cruise company here to help this time since going down was so bad!" The thought of them getting this about 90 year old woman down the dock stairs was frightening.

We walked a little further and I got a huge kick out of seeing in the windows of an ongoing wedding. It was fun watching the toasts, seeing the cake, the bride... but what killed me was the big screen TV in the back with football on. Killed me. I told AB I wanted to go in and tell the staff to turn off the TV for the poor girl's toasts... and then help myself to a slice of cake (because evidently my chocolate melting cake had settled just enough).

We finished our walk and returned home to find the babysitter on the couch reading my American Academy of Pediatrics Well Child book. I seriously have loads of good reading material (like two months worth of magazines on my coffee table) and this is what she was reading? I like her devotion to her work! Our other babysitter looks forward to the kids being down so she can go through my Food And Wine magazines...

Sunday we took our time getting up and out. That afternoon we went over to K&V's for dinner. Leif talked all day about visiting C. He was even way too excited to sleep. Normally that is a good way to get him to sleep, "you get to go see 'X child' after you nap!" Yeah, not this time. I revelled in/wanted to move into K&V's newly painted Master bedroom. AB, for the first time since moving into our house, has thoughts of painting our Master. It is the one room he could have cared less about to this point.

Monday AB tackled green chili. It was a day long project seriously. But the end product? Fantastic. I played with the kids most all day and worked on readying the house for book club when I could.

Yes, book club. It was last night and I hosted for the book 'Little House in the Big Woods'. And yes, I did trip one person up who read instead, 'Little House on the Prairie'. It was a small gathering on our patio to discuss the book that most of us read as a child. I was pleased that I got everything out and on the table in time (thank you AB). AB bent over backwards taking care of the kids while I chatted it up. I did bruschetta and some other little things for appetizers and then AB made crepes (on Sunday - I froze them) for dessert. They went over quite well.

That brings us to Wednesday... or so my computer tells me. Still not sure how that happened. I have tonight to get AB and I packed for the long weekend in Oregon. I have Leif and Skadi packed, though I need to put 3 pairs of pants in Leif's suitcase and Skadi's two new pairs of Robeez in. (Sigh... she actually has three new pairs of Robeez - thank you online sale.) I have a box of snacks, lunch stuff, and baby food. Leif needs to pack his "pack pack" of toys he wants to bring. Then tomorrow after AB gets off work we are off!

We are driving about 2/3 of the way to Portland Thursday night. Staying on the Hood River and then getting up and going to the falls. After that we head into Portland to meet my mom and stepdad. The zoo on Saturday, Ikea Saturday afternoon while Leif (and AB) nap, Whole Foods/Trader Joes/Any reasonable health food store on the way out on Sunday. Shopping and hanging out and eating in between everything else! I can't wait!

Have a good week/weekend all. Catch up with you next week!

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