Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fleeting thoughts and randomness

The Big Bang Theory... AB and I thought it looked funny from the previews. But there is a point at which the jokes border a little too much on reality.

I work with these people day in and day out. But I am not one. Really.

Denial is a nice state to reside.


NM: "Let's get you a shirt for today Leif."

Leif: "I want to wear this one!" (Pulling out the Denver Broncos jersey.)

NM: "Are you sure you want to wear that one? (Knowing full well we live in Seahawks territory.)

Leif: "Yes, this one." (We put it on.)


(AB was amused.)


NM: "Leif hold still, you have something stuck on your nose."

Leif: "They are called frackles mommy."


And right now only semi-funny... but probably very funny to those who work for the government.

AB on the phone: "I just had to fill out all those forms once again including that stupid one I have filled out at least four times now that they kept losing before."

NM: "Which one?"

AB: "You know, that optional one that is required for employment, the one that says 'I am still a white guy?'"


Last night at dinner.

Leif: (Stands up on his chair at dinner.) "I have to call bompa NOW!"

NM: "You just talked to bompa, why do you need to call him now?"

Leif: "Because I tell him he is a lion for Halloween and grandma is a tiger for Halloween."

NM and AB: Chuckling at the thought of my mom and stepdad as a tiger and lion for Halloween. They would do anything for their grandson... wouldn't they?


AB's permanent position with his present company starts on October 9th. In order for him to transition to the new position his last day of internship is tomorrow and he has one week off. This works well with our planned exodus to the coast. So new plans...

We leave for the coast on Friday morning and planned return for Tuesday afternoon. We could change our minds and stay through Wednesday... like I have anything pressing at work. But in the interest in conserving vacation time... since I am sans any other type of leave, the present plan is to return Tuesday. I need a comfortable buffer of time off.

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