Monday, September 17, 2007

The weekend continues

Sort of, at least.

I am home with Skadi today. While in Portland last weekend Skadi's reddish crease on her neck decided to take on a life of its own. Things got worse and we got her into the doctor on Thursday with a raging yeast infection of the neck. After a day on the antifungal/steroid cream, things were looking up. Then this weekend it went the other way again and started looking worse. Apparently we upset the delicate fungal/bacterial balance and allowed the bacteria to run amuck. Staph that is. A call to the doctor Sunday morning confirmed this when she told us the cultures returned a positive for staph. (Yes, we were slightly irritated to find out she knew this already and hadn't passed the info on.)

After 15 hours on the antibiotic this morning things are looking substantially better. Because of the bacterial/contagious nature of this new diagnosis, Skadi is home, with me.

Leif had a playdate this Sunday. I have to say I love the fact that most of our friends are scientists. Because when I told J's mom right off the bat that I completely understood if they wanted to cancel the playdate for the staph on Skaders, she suggested we just meet at the park instead and keep the babies on seperate blankets. Thus, I didn't have to break the news to Leif that he wasn't in fact going to get to play with J this weekend.

We had a busy weekend as usual. Swimming on Saturday. Then AB's company picnic, where Leif had a fantastic time in the three bounce houses and we had a great lunch. Oh and to top it off AB won a gift certificate for Outback. I was a little bummed his was for the Outback and the one after his name was called was for Anthony's... though at least with the Outback, I have no hesitation in taking the kids. So it will get used sooner.

AB cleaned out and inventoried the freezers in the house, mowed the lawns and pureed about 4 big bowls of tomatoes and cooked it down for spaghetti sauce (which was my task that I didn't get to). I did however get our closet about 2/3 organized with the new shoe hangers from Ikea and sorting out some clothes. The floor is clear (save for 6 pairs of shoes... I really needed the 5th shoe hanger that I didn't buy). I still have the sweater organizers to put into use and a little more organization of shelf items, but we are well on our way there.

When Skadi goes down for her afternoon (long) nap I plan to do some cooking and get Leif's organizer put together. Yay me!

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