Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bob, bob, bob, bob, bob.

Back in June I got a hit on my unsolicited CV. I responded tentatively expressing a little interest, but shoved it off saying I wouldn't be ready to seriously consider anything for 4-6 months.

Then AB got a permanent job offer (though nothing in writing yet from THE slowest company on the face of the earth) and the request to interview slipped to the back of my brain.

I was reminded today that there is an actual reason we opted to drive to Portland to meet my mom and stepdad instead of taking them up on their offer to drive up here and spend the weekend. AB and I wanted to get a taste of the city. I had conveniently replaced the thought of "we should see if we would like to live there" with "we are going on vacation" the past few weeks.

I checked my e-mail today and tasted that sour feeling in my throat when I saw an e-mail from a recruiter for "that company". They have asked me to have a web chat next week with one of their "female senior engineers" so that I can get a feel for what life with the company is like for women.

Who has been talking?

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