Sunday, September 23, 2007

Insinkerator take 43

The appliance you love, but hate.

And evidently it isn't just me! Consistently, nearly half of the search results that lead people to my blog are in regards to various "Insinkerator" problems, references to the infamous "Insinkerator red button" and many references to "fix Insinkerator".

I have a love hate relationship with mine. I hate for my house to smell like the entryway to my grandmother's house where she kept her big huge garbage can. So I love my garbage disposal. But could there be a more problem ridden appliance?

Ours quit working the other night. It was spinning... no way was I sticking my hand down there. It was creating a little tornado in the sink full of water (and debris). But it was going nowhere.

AB took apart all the pipes under the sink to clear a clog (the rest of the debris from the disposal... or why we actually HAVE a disposal to prevent this from happening).

When he was done, and the under sink area sparkled clean, it worked like a charm.

Except for that stupid overflow thing at the top of the sink that floods the countertop (and floor if you aren't paying attention) when you run the dishwasher. I am convinced this has to do with the disposal. Convinced.

So how does one fix this problem? (Aside from putting a cup over it that directs the flow of water into the sink and not onto the counter.)

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