Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting pictures for bompa... or an example of how difficult the annual Christmas photo shoot is going to be.

In an effort to get a few pictures of Skadi in her Broncos cheerleading outfit, I found a corner (the only corner) of the house that was not cluttered with stuff.

Ok, well that wasn't so bad. She was smiling, though it doesn't really look like it there.

That's a smile, but one of those in pictures that looks like she "could" have been getting ready to scream.

Too much cheese?

Here comes trouble... ok cute... AB could you have at least put cute or matching pants on him? "Leif can you give Skadi a hug?"

"Ok, how about a hug where I can see your face?"

"No, well can you scootch closer to her?"

"Well can you sit behind her?"

"Ok, this might work... Leif can you hug your sister?"

(Poised with camera.)

"Leif that is NOT a hug! Hug your sister."

The lump behind Skadi? That's Leif.
"Leif come on and hug your sister."

Success! Sort of. It will do.

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