Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A much needed vacation

AB and I are packing kids, dog and things up on Thursday afternoon and heading out for a long weekend. I hate leaving before fiscal year end is completely behind me, but it is the luck of the draw. And I am not so in love with my work that I won't shove off my responsibilities onto someone else for that last day of insanity in exchange for marking "V" on my time card for 8 hours.

My FIL's family has decided that the deck needs to come off the cabin for safety sake, the cabin needs to be leveled and a new deck needs to be built. Being that I am married to a manly man who flings himself at any opportunity to do work of this sort, it was a no brainer. We were going.

I was coveting a trip to the coast anyway and had been bugging AB to get a weekend booked at the cabin for us. It will be interesting though. The family we are doing this initial aspect of (de)construction with is two of AB's cousins. He tells me he doesn't think he would recognize them if he came face to face with them in a crowd. Their wives and families are coming down only for Saturday night (lucky one hour drive from Seattle).

I love spending time at the cabin. It really is peaceful and relaxing. I am looking forward to picking blackberries with Leif. He is also becoming a master beachcomber, one of my favorite pastimes at the cabin. Winny loves the cabin and basically runs free the entire time we are there. She checks in on occasion for a drink of water and then heads out with her doggy friends who are always thrilled to see her, to romp in the trees. (Note to self... make appointment for groomer for when we get back.)

We get back on Monday probably late afternoon to early evening. (Oyster lovers you might want to block out that evening on your calendar in case we have good tides to retrieve the seeded Kumomotos and Olympics.)

I will come back to work fresh from a restful vacation, ready to tackle FY08. (Yes, even I am sitting here laughing at that statement.)

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