Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The week so far

This week has been a whirlwind and it is only Wednesday.

Aside from AB starting his new job where he has to be onsite at 6:30am (which means leaving the house at 5:45am at the absolute latest) and gets home about 6pm, work has been busting my butt in a variety of ways... all good. (Except for the dead monitor courtesy of a massive thunderstorm here last night.) I have an exciting proposal going in tomorrow with a co-PI I have never met, but apparently wow'd with my concept paper. Then I got the nod from my directorate for a major equipment request... that doesn't mean I get this $100K piece of equipment mind you. It means I get to rework the proposal (sans charge code) once more for the lab level review.

On the personal side, Skadi was sent home from daycare "sick" when she really wasn't "sick". We have had a challenge with one of Leif's teachers that has resulted in a meeting with the teacher, director and his two former teachers. Then Leif had a dental exam this afternoon. He did spectacularly, rave reviews from the hygienist and dentist on his wonderful behavior and no cavity status (smiling as I accept the pat on the back).

Anyways, good he had a good experience and actually requested to go back to the dentist tomorrow (weird child) because poor kid has inherited my ultra-crap teeth and has a long appointment coming up for four, yes FOUR crowns done under general. Apparently his new second year molars are not all shiney and beautiful like they should be. When I finally convinced the dentist to speak scientist to me he tells me they are "hypoplastic" and that the enamel on his molars instead of forming lovely crystalline lattices (and those of you who know my research know I love crystalline lattices), the enamel is instead amorphous. Cause most likely being use of antibiotics while the enamal was forming. And here I thought the awful yellow appearance of his molars was tartar... and therefore attacked with even more vigor.

Anyways, now I know how my parents felt when everytime they took me to the dentist it was something. And typically... not inexpensive. Though at least they had better dental insurance than we have now... (where I will stop before I rant, at least we have some dental insurance).

AB wants a second opinion. I have a dental appointment next week and will chat with my dentist - who loves me - after replacing 7 of my teeth last spring.

I can make it through tomorrow... I really can. Then come Friday I can rejoice!

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