Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I bought a little notebook to keep track of blog topics now that I have a professional blogging gig. It wasn't hard for me to come up with a few posts a week on my personal blog, but there are times I need more inspiration now. Or at least somewhere to catch those fleeting thoughts until they could be penned permanently.

That notebook has since become my lifeline. It has a vinyl front and back (so it doesn't tear in my purse), it is about 3"x5" and has 5 sections.

I left it on my desk last night and actually felt a little anxiety about not having my notebook. The loose piece of paper I resorted to just seemed inadequate.

The first section is for blog ideas, barely legible to most people.

The second section contains important notes, like to remember that today was water day for Leif and he needed a swimsuit, towel, water shoes and a bag. Or that I really need to stop and buy a new badge lanyard on my way in or out of work one day soon.

The third section houses information about upcoming events. Last week it was multiple lists about the camping trip, now it is birthday party planning. I also have a list of proposal ideas and topics in here since they seem to come to me at 10pm when I am headed to bed.

The fourth section is grocery lists because for some reason things I need from the grocery store come to me about 2pm when I am feeling that early afternoon lull.

And the fifth section is a neatly written out list of dinner ideas. I hope to keep adding to that list with regularity. (Have any to share?) It is the section I can flip to at lunch when I run into Safeway for a sandwich (they make the best sandwiches around) and look to for ideas and things I need. Or when AB calls, sounding hungry and says, "any ideas for dinner I don't have any do you want to order pizza?" Yes, all in one sentence.

I have become freakishly anal about this notebook. And truly, I actually find it kind of funny because I have always prided myself on my super brain that remembers everything. Apparently though I have a limited capacity and remembering everything for myself, my husband and two kids is just plain impossible.

Hello, my name is NM and I am a compulsive list maker.

(Thank you mom... "make a list!")

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