Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Leif, Leif and more Leif

This is a big week for Leif. He turns three on the 29th and has parties galore and presents arriving nearly daily in the mail. I am good at catching and hiding about 2/3 of the boxes so far. Yesterday however, he caught sight of the ones from my dad...

Leif: "Are those for my birthday? Can I open?"

You might think I am a pushover for letting him open them upon request, but I really am not. I would rather save it all since I am evil that way. But I also know Leif. He will be so overwhelmed. Just really better to roll things out over a few days.

My dad packaged the presents wrapped in garbage bags for padding within the box. I opened the box and let Leif go at it.

Leif: "WOW! Garbage!"

NM: "Leif I really think there is something inside these bags."

Leif: "WOW!"

He really is easy to please. His former daycare teacher asked me what she should buy him. I told her nothing and was completely serious. I told her previously not to get him anything, to just come to his party and that would be a huge present. (Can we say C-R-U-S-H?) She replied that of course she was getting him something, then said, "I bet he likes nearly anything".

See... he was even thrilled when he thought he was just getting garbage from grandpa!

Most days have been good lately. Sunday we were all sick with the stomach flu. But Leif rebounded amazingly quick and was an angel. I guess given the fact that he got movies all day may have lended to that just a little. But there are the flip days, when if I hear anymore whining I may scream. AB and I are working hard to curb that. He has had so many changes in his life in the last four months (a new sister, AB getting a job, moving to a new room for preschool), we try to cut him some slack, but at times it is hard. Particularly those days when AB works.

AB is working on a very, very large construction site that starts work at 6:30am promptly. It has been awhile since he has had to "punch the clock", but lateness isn't tolerated. Thankfully the term "late" doesn't come into play when we talk about where I work.

I have found the card I play with Leif to get him moving in the mornings, and after two weeks it is still working well. Helping. Leif will do nearly anything to get to help. I can use this two fold.

Example: "Leif if you help mommy by putting your shoes on, you can help me unload the dishwasher later!"

Leif: "YAY! Ok, I putting shoes on now!"

(Sucker.) And it is all in the tone.

We had a fascinating conversation this morning while I was trying to blow dry my hair.

NM: "Leif there is a spider on the wall, do you want to come see it?"

Leif: "YES!" (Jumps up off the couch and comes running.) "WOW, look at it."

NM: "Don't touch it remember."

Leif: "It has sticky fingers. He walks on the walls. It's a daddy spider."

NM: "Yeah." (I didn't check to see if it was actually a "daddy" spider...)

Leif: "Mommy, can I see his tongue?"

NM: (Perplexed... do spiders have tongues?) "Well you probably could if he opened his mouth for you, but I don't want you to get that close."


NM: "Shhh... don't wake your sister."

Leif: "stick out your tongue spider"

NM: "Much better."

Leif: "I have to potty mommy."

NM: "Then go."

Leif: "The spider won't let me by."

NM: "Are you done looking at the spider?" He nods and so I swat it with a magazine and deposit the body in the toilet while simultaneously thinking maybe that wasn't a great idea...


Seriously the highlight of the morning. I heard for the next 30 minutes about peeing on the spider. And I am sure daycare has heard all about it too.

The funniest things catch his attention. One of Leif's favorite set of books is Toot and Puddle given to us by Rockergirrl and her family. In one book they are trying to cheer up Toot (a pig) who is moping. Puddle makes a five berry cobbler with whipped cream.

Leif: "Why didn't they make muffins?"

NM: "He made a cobbler because that's Toot's favorite."

Leif: "They should make muffins."

NM: "Ok, they should have made muffins."

Leif: "Read it they made muffins."

NM: "OK, so Puddle made muffins."

Leif: "With whipped cream."

NM: "with whipped cream."

The other day Leif got up from nap determined that he was going to call C. He has yet to actually make a phone call. Usually I call and he pipes up when he wants to talk. This time he held the phone and everything... his first phone call! It starts ringing...

Leif: "Hello, HELLO. You hear me? Hello? C?"

NM: "Leif I think they aren't home, the answering machine is going to come on."

Leif: "A machine? No, I call C, not a machine!"

NM: "Leave a message for C!"

C called back a little later and they had quite the conversation. C jabbered on and on while Leif listened (he has learned well from daddy), though he seemed to understand her plainly as he sat there nodding his head.

He has a joint party with C on Saturday with all their friends at their school. Then Sunday we will have a small celebration with an angel food cake... because you have to have angel food cake on your birthday. Monday his class will celebrate and I get to go watch!

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