Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who steals a baby's blanket?

Evidently the State of Washington Health Department has no problem with that. Skadi? Not so happy about it.

The Health department showed up at daycare yesterday for an inspection. Glad they do it and all, but there might be a little bit of taking it to the extreme going on.

Apparently Skadi's blanket that I so lovingly picked out as her "daycare blanket" is not appropriate for an infant. Skadi likes to chew on things and pulls her blanket up and chews on it before she falls asleep. Well evidently this thick pile is not breathable enough, making it a SIDS risk.


I know... things happen, awful things can happen. And who wants to risk it? No, I don't want to risk it.

But they took her blanket AWAY!

(Now I have to go find a new blanket that meets specs... called my grandma to bug her about a nice holey crocheted blanket for her youngest great granddaughter and she is going to work on something... and you can assume that there was much drama surrounding this request, because lately nothing can be easy.)

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