Monday, July 09, 2007

Christmas in July

What could be better? As a Christmas nut, going into a Christmas store in Leavenworth was a sure bet that money would fly out of my purse.

I officially made my very first Department 56 purchase.

For about the last four years I have collected a Christmas village. When I was deciding which one to collect I debated pretty heavily. I so wanted the Department 56 set, but when I dragged my husband to then Bon Marche to look at them, he balked. Ok, not just balked, he nearly threw a mini fit in the store and I left empty handed.

Really, I told myself, the Lowe's set was a far better bet. The price was right and we never go a month or so without a trip to Lowes. Thus guaranteeing to myself that AB would always buy me a piece for my set every year for Christmas.


Three or four years without any addition to my, albeit very nice, Lowe's set pretty much gave me free reign when I admired the sets in the store.

I did resist the buildings. But when Leif pointed at the cutest Christmas tree with wildlife surrounding and the tree decorated with food items (Christmas in the Forest)? Sold. It would be a perfect centerpiece to my already wildlife themed village. I also bought the Children's Nativity.
So now I have a new resolution... instead of waiting for my husband to add to my set every year, I will do it. He can go back to buying me mittens and hats with no guilt whatsoever.

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