Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gettin' Lucky!

This Friday we are getting Lucky!

The cat. Lucky the cat, as named by Leif.

My coworker finally realized she was going to have to compromise a little if she wanted to get rid of her kittens. We got to go up this evening and check them out.

I had initially shy'd away from her and her kittens because I felt she was just being a flake about it all, not wanting a three year old in her house and such. Just not being very accommodating for us to come see them.

We decided if we wanted a kitty we would go with the Humane Society.

In the meantime my mom also got another cat. Their elderly cat, Kismet, passed away earlier this year peacefully. Kismet was a great cat. A big, huge yellow tabby. And seriously, big huge boy he was. He was a special guy that showed up in my mom's yard when I was in college. He had a raucous meow, and amazingly powerful hind legs that would propel him to the top of the fridge. And a crooked tail that had likely been shut in a door at some point prior to finding himself a new home.

They got a little kitten they named Murphy from the Humane Society in Fort Collins. A week later Murphy turned up with a horrible upper respiratory infection and barely clung to life. He was nursed back to life (after large vet expenses). Hearing about this experience from my mom made me less inclined to want to go to the Humane Society.

About that time my coworker was realizing that her kittens were nearing that 8 week point and would need homes, or they themselves would be taken the Humane Society.

We ventured up there and it didn't take long for them to worm their way into AB's heart. AB being the one I was worried about, I wasn't worried about me or Leif.

There are five kittens, three black, sleek looking shorthairs, one smushy face black fluff ball (medium to long hair - very unique looking kitten that appears to maybe have a little Persian to it) and a black and white. Right off the bat the smushy faced ball of fluff finds a friend with Leif.

The owner tells us that is the kitty they want to keep, but in the names of finding homes, they will take whatever is leftover and if we want him, we can have him.

He was dang cute. But the hair.

I already have one beastly with a long, double coat of thick black hair. And here is where AB and I disagree... he thinks we probably wouldn't notice the additional hair since Winny is a big girl. But the cat will grow and will go places Winny currently doesn't (the couch, the beds...). I am leaning towards one of the shorthairs.

Fairly quickly afterwards two other black kitties venture out to play with Leif and soon he has three black balls of fluff jumping around him.

He couldn't be happier.

We snagged the two other kitties out of hiding, but it was obvious they were not interested in playing.

We coaxed Leif away from the kitties and there were tears on the way home.

"But I want to take a kitty home," he cried.

AB admitted, "I think that is the first time you have yanked on my heart for a kitty unassisted and unprovoked." (He said while eyeing me...)

So this week we need to make a trip to PetSmart to buy all the kitty goodies... a carrier (because I am NOT using that huge old airplane carrier that I used to use with Cal-cat), a bed, a litterbox, dishes, food, litter, and Leif is very excited to pick out toys for the kitty.

We have decided on Lucky as a name.

Lucky is Professor Wiseman's kitten on Curious George. It is also part of the title of Leif's favorite book, "Leif the Lucky". And most importantly, Leif likes it and picked it out. And for me, it isn't Muffy... the second place name which Leif tells us is NOT "Murphy" my mom's cat's name... it is Muffy. I really don't like that. Really don't. We may have pushed for Lucky just a wee bit.

We are getting Lucky on Friday!

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