Friday, December 07, 2007

Leif and other miscellaneous

NM: "AB, who is going to write the Christmas letter this year?"

Leif: "I am mommy!"

All of you will have to just wait for it to arrive in your mailboxes. (And I will post it here later.)


Singing Leif's current favorite song before bed...

NM: "Four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree."

Leif: "Mommy can we say, 'four calling Leif birds' for the rest of the song."

NM: "Umm ok. On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, five gold rings, four calling Leif birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree."

Leif: (Eruption of giggles.) "Four calling Leif birds!!"


Yesterday I arrived to pick up Leif at school and his main teacher, also the director followed me into class.

Teacher: "I wanted to talk to you about Leif."

NM: (Here we go again, what has he done now. Nothing has been good lately when these words come out of her mouth.) "Ok, what's going on."

Teacher: "Well today he was really interested in the walking sticks,"

NM: (Oh goodness, what did he accidentally do to the walking sticks - because I KNOW Leif would never do anything intentional to them, he loves animals and bugs.)

Teacher: "one of the other older girls was holding one for just a second,"

NM: (Oh no, what did he do to the little girl???)

Teacher: "he wanted to hold one SO badly. He begged and begged and so finally I relented because he is always so fascinated by them. I figured 'well, we will probably end up with two dead walking sticks, oh well', it will be a lesson on the fragile nature of life."

NM: (Does he need to know the fragile nature of life? I didn't say this, instead) "Yes, he loves bugs, insects and all animals so much."

Teacher: "Yes he does. And for over an hour, he walked around holding two walking sticks, taking care of them, talking to them, touching them,"

NM: (Ok, what did one of the OTHER kids do... smash one in his hand?)

Teacher: "He walked around for over an hour and then came back to me and very politely said, 'Ms K, I am ready to put them back now'. And do you know that after all that time they were still alive and he was more gentle than the boys TWICE his age are and for such a LONG time! He just really amazed me with the love in his eyes for the creatures."

NM: (Forcing back the tears!)

I just had to include this because everything lately has been about turkey behavior at daycare. Things that have prompted AB and I to start discussing if we can swing me working 75% time and thereby have a little more time at home with him.

She made my day.


Kitty plans have been postponed. Just a week. The coworker "miscalculated" how old the kitty's are by a week and they are just 7 weeks and not 8 weeks. So she called (last night at about 9pm, after we had gone to Petsmart and talked with Leif about it finally being "only one sleep till kitties") and told us it would be another week.

I explained to Leif this morning that the kitty's mommy wants to keep it and feed it some more, but we will get one in another week. So far, he has taken it well. Not sure he really understands... but no meltdowns yet.

The girl did call Hans today and apologize and say she realized how hard that could be on a three year old and so if we wanted to pick the kitty up tonight, she does have "kitty formula" that we can administer the kittens.

Yeah no. I don't think so, but thanks. I have one small being to feed every few hours and I don't need two.

And anyways, breast is best.

We will deal and wait for a week.

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