Monday, December 17, 2007

Shepherd... bumble bee... same diff

At Leif's school they were reenacting the nativity. I only know this as it popped out at me on his monthly newsletter. Since we are hoping to instill a little bit more about Christmas into this holiday than just Santa, I was anxious for this to happen and talk about it with Leif.

Finally the nativity day came.

NM: "Leif what were you in the nativity today?"

Leif: "A bumble bee."

NM: "Are you sure? I didn't know there was a bumble bee in the nativity."

Leif: "Yes, and the baby layed in the grass and the bumble bee buzzed around. BUZZZZZ"

NM: (Thinking...) "Were you the baby Jesus?"

Leif: "No mommy, the baby layed in the grass and I was a bumble bee. BUZZZZZ..."

Ok, fine. So he was a bumble bee in the nativity. Maybe they had so many kids they made up parts.

The next day I went in and asked the teacher how the nativity went.

Teacher: "Great, Leif was a shepherd."

(And apparently one of the little boys in the class was adament he was going to be Mary, which miffed a few of the girls.)

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